YHVH sendeth rain on the just and the unjust

matt5:45 who is in heaven maketh the sun to rise on the evil and the good.he sendeth rain on the just and the unjust.joel28 YHVH said he would pour his spirit,rain on all flesh.rev3:15 the messiah said he desires that all people be cold or hot,completely good or evil.matt12:33 the messiah said either make the tree,man, good and his fruit good,or the tree,man, corrupt and his fruit,works,corrupt.YHVH is pouring his spirit,rain, upon both the evil and the good people to bring them both to the fullness of what their nature happens to be.the fruit is the energy produced by their emotions.YHVH desires the positive energy of truth, love,joy and peace.he also utilizes the energy from the negitive from the evil people.this negative energy must be changed through alchemy to positive energy by those appointed by him.the messiah said except these evil days be shortened there would be no flesh living on the earth.when this gospel is published,preached in every nation it will be five months until the messiah shall apear in the clouds of heaven.the evil are preparing for a long future,not knowing their demise from the earth is at hand.the place prepared for the devil and his angels and evil mankind will produce energy by their torment without end.even as the saints in the kingdom of heaven will produce energy through their happiness and joy.this energy is used by YHVH for his energy and the energy in the universe.just as we use the plants fish and animals which we consume to give life to our flesh.when they burned the sacrafices in the days of old,YHVH recieved those living things life force or energy.when we give of our time,money our life force energy is what YHVH truely recieves.may we offer up the fruit YHVH desires,and he will make us produce abundantly of this fruit.the perfect first fruit that is perfect without spot or blemish/barney

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